Samsung Galaxy Ace, Blackberry Curve and Me

A couple of weeks ago, my team mate sold her hubby’s android phone for only P 10,000.00 and I grabbed the opportunity to buy something good out of my income. I mean, who would dare not buy a Samsung Galaxy Ace on a mark down price of P 3,000.00 on the market?

It’s a good phone and I’m loving every bit and parts of it. (Shuckz!)

And after a couple weeks (again) later, I decided to buy a blackberry curve 8530 phone at P 9,000.00. (Uhm, I hope you’re not SHOUTING in disbelief!)

Okay, call me “crazy”, “gastador”, “stupid”, “unwise spender” and all the other names you can call me but I already did and nothing changes the fact that in this economic crisis and my 13th month bonus, I wanted to spend on something I’ve been vying and dying for almost more than a year now.

But here’s the catch: I bought the two phones on an installment basis and I’m nearly ending on the first item I bought for and the other one lacks half the amount to close the deal. In short, I’m not wasting an entire 13th month bonus and my monthly salary for a “luho” that is too hard to say “NO” to!

So, which of the two phones would you think will last longer? Which one is better in terms of specs, applications and aesthetics? And how does both differ from each other?

(Share your thoughts please…)

And before I entirely forget, this opportunity led me to delete 348 contacts out of 708 on my old phone. I guess that’s something to go “gaga” again.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Ace, Blackberry Curve and Me

  1. Hi Aylablahs!

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    And although I’m still weighing things down for both phones, I find the two beneficial when doing social (android) and business (bb). 😉


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