The Craziness of November And The Blooming Yuletide Season!

It’s way past midnight and my eyes are wide awake after a tiring day at the office. Well, I guess my insomnia is back or because I’m excited that tomorrow is a holiday and that means, NO WORK!

Since this will be a late night post, I have to warn you that it may or may not make sense at all (well, at least – to you) and I do apologize for such inconvenience in the “wee hours” of the night.

And before I forget, this blog post is related to my previous entry about the crazy things I was supposed to do this November. If you like to know more about it, you may read it here – “My November’s Busy Schedule”.

On a personal scale, I had a lot of enjoyable moments with the different events happening in my life lately. The opportunity to lead praise and worship once again was a blast, visiting Victorias for the first time was not so mundane after all and lastly, joining the 2011 Visayas Blog Awards was definitely a good choice!

But there were also a couple of things I’ve missed due to unavoidable circumstances such as money matters, scheduled and important activities and being stubborn and workaholic at the same time.

Some of the activities that I’d like to call “Missed Ones” are:

The missed opportunity to join the 2011 Visayas Blogging Summit in Cebu. As much as I want to fly away to the queen city of the South,I didn’t have the finances to do so. Missing it is really not an issue knowing that other opportunities opened up for me over the weekend. Of course, I’m still eyeing next year’s summit to have fun and learn a few tricks and tricks about blogging.

Failing to pursuing the talk with an non-government organisation about personality development and how we can use it for community transformation. It was a blessing in disguise since a week before that was our Young Adults Week at church and I didn’t have the time to research, study and practice for the talk. Not to mention, I got tied-up with work again for the local jobfairs scheduled on the same date.

Have fun and relaxation in the midst of my so called busy life. And in relation to this, I’ll be spending time with some old and new friends tomorrow over the non-working holiday and give myself a “pat on the back” for a job well done (offline).

The question now is (I sound like my Senior Manager…oops!), can a day bring excitement after one crazy month?

That my friend, is fully dependent on what unveils tomorrow as I celebrate the craziness of November and the blooming yuletide season!


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