A “Parol” for Hope

Come and help change lives through a beneficiary project focusing on a remote barangay in La Castellana, Negros Occidental. 

Read through and learn how a single purchase of a “parol” can bring hope this Christmas season!

Getting To Know the People

Cabacungan is a remote barangay in La Castellana which is 2 hours away from Bacolod City by car. The barangay is almost near Canlaon and as one church mate mentioned, the barangay is really far especially when traveling by bus.

This place is situated in Negros Occidental, Region 6, Philippines, its geographical coordinates are 10° 19′ 25″ North, 123° 8′ 1″ East and its original name (with diacritics) is Cabacuñgan.

Locals live in small huts with their whole family ranging from five to six siblings per household. Most parents are not able to finish even high school and considers farming as the basic means of providing food for the family.

Basic education is rare with only a handful of volunteers taking care of the children while parents are toiling the fields. According to Ate Leah, there are currently 8 volunteers who doesn’t even have monthly wages and has been working in the area for almost two years now.

Even the young teens and adults have joined in the classes for primary level and has boomed into a non-formal educational system.

Another pressing need in the community is a place to stay for the orphaned kids in the area. Stories of abandoned and pregnant teens rings true in the place. Groups of siblings being left behind by parents who died in the scorching heat of the sun. Stories of kids sleeping in with neighbors near their dogs and pig pens!

The Task At Hand

Cabacungan is just one of the many remote villages and barangays that needs our help. But helping and focusing on them is one step to make a bigger change in the world.

We can have this opportunity to help a “small” and “unknown” barangay in the remote area in Negros Occidental which can give hope in their situation now,not later.

My prayer is that by reading through this post, you have been challenged to support this project .

Buying their home-made “parol” made of indigenous materials will only cost you P 150.00 per star. It has been handcrafted by them and personal touches were added by making artistic designs per star.

Below are some pictures I’ve taken of these cute christmas decors even students can support.

Buy one now and bring a SMILE this Christmas! 🙂

You may contact me through 09177019164 for more details and ordering.

Of course, all proceeds will be forwarded to the owners of these stars accordingly and in full amount and no amount has been given to the author to promote this.


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