My November’s Busy Schedule

I thought my November will not be hectic as October was and here comes my 2nd weekend for the month full of twists and surprises. There are a lot of things going on in my “busy” life in the City of Smiles that I entirely forgot to post something good after the last two topics about the VBS and VBA.

For updates, here are a few “important” stints this November:

First of, our Young Adults group at Church will host this Sunday’s morning and afternoon worship service. I’ll be joining the Praise and Worship team for both services. More specifically, I’ll be leading the praise and worship in the afternoon.

Second, the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 – Visayas is all set at 1:00pm on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at Silay City. It will be held at Sen. Jose C. Locsin Cultural and Civic Center in the famous heritage town. It will be my first time to set foot in Silay City after one and a half years working in Bacolod City.

Third, I’m grabbing the opportunity to take part in the 2nd Visayas Blogging Summit in Cebu. I’m pretty sure this is one good venue to network and learn more about blogging. Although I’m really not into the “business deals” on blogging, it’s better to know some news and updates nowadays. I wonder who among the Negros Bloggers are up for a land trip travel going to Cebu for the event. 🙂

Fourth, I have to prepare my slides for the Katuwang group, a non-profit organization. They have been bugging me to do a talk about personality development and how we can use our experiences to better communicate and strategize in helping the less fortunate.

Fifth, I have 3 local jobfairs that I (or my team) need to join. The challenge is that the 3 events are in different towns in Negros Occidental and is scheduled back to back on three straight days. Imagine that, I’m back to traveling again.

Sixth, I was informed that there are already inquiries about missions and mobilizations from the different youth and young adults group in Bacolod. I have to set my schedule straight to help out in mobilizing the churches for missions! Bring it ON NYMM!

Seventh, I need to relax. J And I think, that’s the most important activity I need to do this November!


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