Random Musings for the 4th Haul

TopBlog Listing

A few blog posts before, I’ve mentioned that my old blog site was hacked but the good news is I was able to save 98% of everything. Although I’m happy about the changes, I’m sad on the recent listing on Topblogs. I’m currently in the 104th place compared to my previous 36th place. 😦

I guess it will take some time before I get my blog back on track. Hopefully, reach the 50th place before November ends.

The 4th and Last Haul

It’s the 4th day of the long weekend and I’m starting to get bored and wanting to work again. I know, a lot has been going on and I want to be busy with something to take it off my head. Just today, I finally decided to move on and start planning ahead.

One good note is what my brother, Cheeno has texted, he said “It’s already there but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to accept what has happened…“.

It will take time when everyone, including my Papa to accept what has happened and I may never know when will that time be.

November Plans

It’s the first day of November and there’s 2 more holidays coming up! I’m planning to go to Cebu for the Visayan Blogging Summit 2011. I sure hope everything will be okay and that my schedule and pocket will permit me to go there. I wonder what Cebu has to offer when I’m there.

By the way, in case you didn’t know – The Visayas Blog Awards is set and will be held in Silay City. I haven’t met the Negros Bloggers group lately due to my super busy schedule and I sure hope I can help out in little ways.

I’ll post more of these events after lunch since I think my melancholy is back. 😉


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