Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Hope

It’s the long weekend and as usual, I’m at home in Tanjay for the long haul. To be honest, I didn’t want to go home. I was not ready to whatever is happening in the house and be the bearer of a heavy news to my family. As much as I want to stay in Bacolod and lurk there, I’d rather go home and embrace the reality of life and move on.

The Other Half Knows, The Other Half doesn’t

The family on my mother’s side already knows about Ate’s situation. They too couldn’t understand what happened but has accepted the fact that it’s there and we have to embrace it. They also know the guys name and as usual, doesn’t care whoever he is.

I guess, when it comes to my Ate’s story, we don’t care about the guys in her life. We wanted to scold her but the love and support always comes out. Maybe the years have made us realize that in everything that has happened, it’s always is fair to love and accept her and continue to pray and support her and the kids.

I just told my Papa this morning about ate’s situation and he was dismayed. He even asked why this was happening and if he did something that made this unbearable for him. I hugged him and told him that he didn’t do anything bad and that this is the time wherein we have to show love and acceptance to whatever has happened.

I know, it’s hard for him to accept it immediately but my prayer is that this will make our family closer and in the right time, use this opportunity to bless our family.

Telling The Kids on why Mommy’s Tummy is getting bigger

Last night was hard, I have to tell Lance and Ashley why their mommy’s tummy is big and that she’s not always full or “busog”. Their eyes grew big with excitement that they’ll have another sibling. They were talking nonchalant on how they will take care of the baby and all those stuff that was supposed to be for Christmas will now be for the baby’s needs.

Whew, in my mind, how I wish that it’s easy to accept it like these kids.  I know sooner or later they will ask who is the father and maybe thought that they have the same father and among other things. Those are hard questions and I pray my sister will be ready to answer it and that my niece and nephew will forgive her of what she has done.

My Personal Prayer for My Ate’s Family

It is my prayer that they grow to accept the baby with their whole heart and love him or her completely, unbiased and unconditionally. Not only for Lance and Ashley but for the innocent child inside my ate’s womb, be healthy and will come out full of hope and love.

I also prayed for my ate, six months of secrecy and hiding has taken it’s toil emotionally. But at least, she has now opened up and is no longer indifferent. I know, one way or another God is doing something in her and she will change for the better.

The kid inside her is a blessing and it will bring hope and love to everyone around her including me.

Thank you for reading and God bless!


5 thoughts on “Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Hope

  1. tough situation, kapatid. but you’re doing the right thing by being there and bearing the burden alongside the rest of your family. you are a good and sweet “kapamilya.” your Ate is blessed to have you for a brother.

  2. Hi Ate,

    Thank you for the encouragement. It’s a challenge to show love and extend grace to be honest but indeed, since God has forgiven us and has extended his love for us, there’s no excuse for us not to do it.

    Continue to pray for us especially for my Father.

    Best Regards,


  3. champ_wayne

    hey VIr!

    how are you? i hope everything’s fine. God is good, all the time.
    you know, i also had the same feeling years ago when my sister got into the same situation. as they say, the truth will set you free. and now, the kid indeed is a blessing 🙂 acceptance is the key!

    take care,

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