Disagreement, Submission And Openness

Have you ever tried justifying or reasoning out yet everything seems to be a poignant contradiction to what the other person is saying? I know I did earlier when I had the opportunity to have coffee with the pastor of my new church here in Bacolod.

I was so passionate over something that I think I overdid my reasoning. Looking back at the discussion earlier, I realized 3 important aspects on sensitive/crucial topics namely:

  • Be always open to the points given, it’s as important as your own valid points
  • Never assume the outcome can always be good but in the contrary, it becomes an open challenge to think twice on your stand
  • Submitting to authority doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing to everything, it’s an opportunity to trust the Lord to work His wonders

I believe that it’s now up to the Lord how He will allow us to lead the congress in the light of disagreement, submission and openness.



One thought on “Disagreement, Submission And Openness

  1. timely tong post mo.. just recently, ive had this circumstances.. though we already had strong stand on what roads to take.. still we have to deal with the outcome and learn whatever it is in store for us.. 😉

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