When God says “Be Still…”.

I had this itchy feeling of writing something about discipleship and how some churches see discipleship and their own protocols of doing it. I did try my very best to write an argument on my own personal views but later on decided to put everything aside.  The words are there but I personally believe that I myself am not very convinced to what I’ve written.

Perhaps the Lord is telling me something that I need to focus on and listen intently before diving to such “truths”.

Of course, I have to admit that I sometimes think too much that I often argue with some standards set by the church (in general) yet in return, be rebuked that I am indeed a limited being and substantially frail and unworthy of such opportunities.

So, what is it really in my mind right now?

If I’d share that, then it forfeits the purpose of listening intently when God  says “Be still…”.


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