Operation: BwB (Believers who Blog)!

I have been blogging for more than 5 years now and I have to say, there are so few of us out there (or online). In general, pinoy blogging is spreading widely. A lot of “niche” blogs have sprouted and I have to say that tech blogs, personal whinings and causes have played an important role in my blogging life. 🙂

So,what am I whining about?

When I used the word “few”, I was actually referring to christian bloggers – believers who blog (BwB). I tried checking Top Blogs and noticed that out of the 150 plus bloggers registered under Religious categories, only a few really comes close to my heart as fellow believers.

Seriously, as believers, do we really need to blog?

Yes, we need to. If God has called us to be light of the world, I think it included the world wide web. The bigger and faster way to share God’s love.

How do we define “christian bloggers” and differentiate them to others?

I have to admit that generalizing it will be easier but I personally believe that Believers who Blog are those who’ve committed their lives to Christ and has made their blog an avenue for comfort, learning and encouragement to others.

Although there are a lot of christian bloggers who focuses on christian leadership, testimonies and encouragements and a majority to christian music and literature, still our voices are not heard widely. There’s a need to band together and raise the banner in the online community.

How do we band together?

And since I have this inkling feeling that there are more (Filipino) believers who blog aside from what I’m accustomed to, I think it’s high time to start (or restart) my long lost project, Operation: BwB (short for Believers who Blog!).

This project will try to give a list of blogs that have made their way to the pinoyblogosphere and beyond, focus on the content of their blog and surely, connect with them for online fellowship and the like. I know, this may take some time and effort – and I’m wondering if someone out there would be willing to partner with me on this. 😦

And if you’re interested, I need YOU!


11 thoughts on “Operation: BwB (Believers who Blog)!

    1. And yes, I look up to Ganns too when I was creating RandomFlow. To be honest Sir Ganns, you are one of my inspiration (silently). I am blessed with your life. Congrats buddy on your upcoming Radio hosting stint! Soon I will be featuring you in my Interesting People category. =)

  1. Hey Vir, I also felt the same way and I’m happy to learn I’m not the only one. I am quite new to this blogging, I just started last Feb2011 with the blog Notes of An Imperfect Christian (http://notesofanimperfectchristian.wordpress.com) which is actually a personal journal. Then a believer from another church encouraged me to take it to a higher level and take a bird’s eye view about Christianity in the Philippines rather than just focusing on my personal journey, so RandomFlow was born (http://randomflowmag.com). It just went live July 7, 2011. As a newbie, I’d love to be in touch with veteran bloggers like you.

  2. Hi w3bservant,

    Thank you for calling me a veteran blogger but I don’t consider my experiences as a veteran christian blogger.

    I like the randomflowmag idea… 🙂

    1. Thanks Vir, I’m happy to know a fellow blogger likes it.
      But it also carries with it a sense of responsibility and a little risk. You see, it’s hard to stay in “neutral ground” when covering every different denominations while avoiding your personal “statement of faith” to be mixed in. It’s challenging, but also breaks down the “denominational wall” around me.

  3. Ey Randy,

    As believers and bloggers, I strongly believe that our common ground should always be to glorify God. Simply put, everything fades away when our goal is to lift HIM up!

    1. I agree. Very well said brother, thanks for reminding me of this. Christian Blogger’s De-facto Declaration of Faith: To glorify God and to lift Him up through blogging, regardless of religious affiliations, denominations, social status, etc.

  4. Hey Randy!

    Sorry for missing-out on your comment here! You probably read about the Pinoy Rebelutionaries blog I’m starting.

    Care to join in? But it’s like having RandomFlow on a different platform though.

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