I’m One Year Old (in Bacolod)!

Bacolod City has become my second home after accepting a job offer for one of the top players in the BPO industry. Although the cost of living in Bacolod is a bit more pricy than Dumaguete, it’s cozy,a bit laidback nature and the combination of an urbanized city with a bit of a rural setting became a good option for career and personal growth.

I still remember my first month here in Bacolod wherein I only have a bag full of clothes, a small stash of money to suffice for my first two months and my ever faithful laptop. Thanks to a friend’s generosity, I was able to stay in their place for two months for free while waiting for my first paycheck.

After a year in the “City of Smiles”, I found a couple of reasons why I’m still in Bacolod. This blog post will try to share these things as briefly as it can.

So, what made me stay here for more than a year?

The Ambiance of the City

As many would probably know, Bacolod is still known to be a “laidback” city. To be honest, I am an early riser yet I have a slow phase in my daily routine. As a self-confessed internet addict, I still spend my first two hours early in the morning gobbling Facebook, my personal blog and among other things.  The good news is, my travel to work still consists of the 10-15 minutes travel time before the clock ticks 9:00am. How laidback can I get?

The only challenge that I get to experience is when I don’t have a lot of things to do in the office while painstakingly wait for my shift to end.

The Opportunity to be Independent

Living in Dumaguete gave me a few “freedom” that I definitely enjoyed but having to stay in Bacolod, which is five hours away from my hometown, gave me the real scenario of being independent.

My independence taught me the importance of being financially stable; to take care good care of my health and stand on my own with all my decisions (career or otherwise).

Of course, my independence has its own toils as well. I now spend most of my weekends at home, eating my heart out with the latest series, pushing myself for a DVD marathon and sleeping late at night.

Although independence may be viewed by others differently, I have to admit that I have and am experiencing the best ordeals of my life for now.

The Career Growth

Working for more than 3 years in TeleTech taught me one important thing about careers – you have to have that “edge” if you want to go up the corporate ladder. My role as a Coordinator does not compare to my previous work as a specialist especially that new skills and learning are always part of the experience. I’m proud to say that I am doing good with my work and my boss is happy about it. Besides, the experience of working to a competitor definitely is an edge for future opportunities.

Am I saying that I’ll stay for good in Bacolod?

I can’t answer this particular question for now. I’m still young and opportunities are everywhere. Of course, I have to admit that I dream of pursuing my long-time passion as a mobiliser which will entail a lot of travelling.

In the meantime, I’m open to staying another year in Bacolod and of course, my 2nd BPO Company as well. But if a rich couple or “haciendero” be willing to adopt and leave their estate to me, I’d probably would (Just kidding)!

Thank you for reading!


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