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The recent hiatus from my blogging lifestyle has made a very bad impact in my comments section. To date, I still have 3,968 (out of 4,846) comments to delete which might probably include some legitimate and non-spammer’s comments alike.

To my friends (and avid readers) whose comments might get deleted, I do apologize for doing this but it’s the easiest way out of this dilemma for now. But I promise to try checking all comments before I delete it.

Also, to all spammers out there, get a life and use your own websites for your spam! Your making our lives (bloggers) harder as it is!


I noticed that I have a couple of drafts which have not been published due to the lack of time to sit and think through. This was mainly because of two things – having an offline life and being busy with work.

As much as I wanted to post everything that I’ve experienced with my 2 months stint in Manila, the toxicity and challenge of just being there has made itself dominant by pushing me to my limit and not giving me enough time to slack around.

Nevertheless, I will try to succumb to the idea of blogging once a month for a noteworthy opinion or experience since I came back from Manila.

Of course, the drafts are still there and I’ll try to finalize everything before the week ends for it to be officially posted on my blog.



I just recently read in Negros Bloggers  that the Visayan Blog Awards 2011 will be held in “The Ruins” in Talisay, Negros Occidental. I just hope that it won’t rain during the event because I’m not really sure if the venue can give us enough cover. Below is a short excerpt from the site:

Negros Bloggers will host this year’s Visayas Blog Awards (VBA) this coming  November 12, 2011 at the “Ruins” in Talisay City showcasing the Visayans’ “vibrant mix of persuasions and personalities”….

Likewise, the VBA will bring out all sorts of blogsites and niches created by  the Visayan blogging community showcasing hundreds and hundreds of indigenous  topics developed by each blogger.

A preliminary seminar on relevant topics, meanwhile, will be held this  September 3, 2011 in preparation for the forthcoming VBA Night in November.  –  Gil Severino

It would also be a great opportunity to help out the guys behind the event in one way or another. (And I hope, they are reading this!)

Also, the Visayas Blogging Summit will be hosted by the Cebu Bloggers Society in Cebu City which will be on the same month.

I just wonder how much will be my expense if I join the summit and/or if someone from CBS can adopt me during my stay there.


I just turned one year old in Bacolod and with my current company. I am so much settled in living here that I said “no” to an opportunity to work in Manila after my 2 months stint there.

I’ll be posting something about turning 1 year old in the “City of Smiles” and some learning that came along with adjusting to its people, culture and among other things.


4 thoughts on “My Blog Updates

  1. Vir, just to let you know I’m reading your blog. 😀 You are welcome to join us. I’ll drop you a note if there will be an opportunity to meet. Let’s have coffee one of these days at the Negros Museum. 😀

  2. Welcome to Negros Bloggers, circle of “intellects” as I put it. I’m a recent member of Negros Bloggers. The members, especially the organizers or the pioneers are very accommodating, friendly and amiable. I’m amused and only informed but entertained of your blogs. Keep on writing. Keep on journalizing we are just around ready to browse and read your insights or whatever that comes to your mind. 🙂

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