The Nosebleed Experience

I’m joining one of our Communications and Cultural Training (CCT) for two weeks and I have to say that it’s worth spending 8 hours of your time to polish and get things straight with what you know about the English language, particularly the American English language.

Getting a dose of the nosebleed mania
Getting a dose of the “nosebleed” mania

I’m having challenges in remembering all the “terms” and “rules of engagement” when using this second language.  It’s different when you just speak it but not really getting the idea why we use prepositions “on” when referring to surfaces, “in” when we refer to something that has corners on it and “at” when it’s a complete address and the like. It’s always fun going back to these basics and enjoying the games along the way.

I’m also relieved to know that I got good scores in my assessments for the last two days. I’m pretty much hopeful that I get a passing score (kahit na pasang awa lang please!) for this training. And to ensure I’ll pass, I’ve spent my entire morning studying and researching about the next 3 subjects we are to discuss today.

But it’s not that bad since I’m learning a lot of things during (more to come for the next 7 days) and have gained new friends in the company courtesy of my co-trainers. 😉


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