An NYMC In The Making?

It’s more than 3 years since I attended the NYMC run in Bacolod and to be honest, I still get excited every time I hear updates with missions (or missions activities) through the group. Personally, NYMC was a great and humbling opportunity to witness how God can work wonderfully through our lives for HIS GREATER GLORY.

I tried searching for all the email updates I got from NYMM (I don’t delete it!) and noticed that for the last year, there were fewer updates and activities in my email. But needless to say, I still believe that God was and is still doing great things in the midst of the silence.

There were personal emails from time to time about their testimonies and it’s exciting to read what their doing in the mission field!

Some Testimonies from NYMC

I’ve heard of delegates who went for cross-cultural missions, students who became active with their campus and churches and young adults who have mobilized and challenged to support missionaries here and abroad. Some even started their own mission’s congress and bore much fruits after that.

I personally mobilized for our church and other youth ministries in Dumaguete City to take part in the BIGGER picture of Christ’s ministry. Some of them became missionaries, one became a pastor while another one desires to became a nurse to help the patients in the provincial hospital.

For sure,there were a lot of other untold stories and adventures out there that has to be heard by the people behind NYMM to confirm that whatever happened during these events are God-ordained and was not a waste of time,money and effort.

NYMC’s Mini-Reunion & Prayer Time

Ate Leah Aguirre invited me to join the mini-reunion in her house last weekend with fellow NYMC delegates/core leaders from Bacolod. It was a night filled with food, fun and videoke! Before we called it a night, we took time to pray for Lanie and Gigi who will be going to China to work and take part in doing ministry with the Chinese people. J

We also took the opportunity to pray for NYMC and God’s perfect will for the congress.

Another NYMC in the making?

I personally prayed for the possibility of having one this year. The only thing that was on my mind that time was this statement – “If NYMC has brought these testimonies to us, why don’t we have another run and continue a steady-line of testimonies of young people going out for missions?”

I’m actually burdened to pray for this possibility and texted Ate Leah about it. I’ve also asked a few friends (Staffworkers and pastors) to include this in their prayers – people who have an idea of what NYMC is all about and had an involvement before one way or another.

Sharing the vision

Do you have the passion to win souls? Or perhaps the desire to become a world-changer?Maybe the burden to pray for the nations?

I can ask you a lot of questions to push what I wanted to say but I guess it all boils down to the idea that I’m looking for other people who would join me in prayer for NYMC and if God willing, pursue such a plan.

God is doing something great to our generation and NYMC is an avenue to train,equip and disciple them to become world changers – not just missionaries but believers who has a better understanding of God’s plan for their lives.

I hope that as you read this post, you’ll join me in prayer for some time to see this plan into fulfillment, God willing.

Thank you for reading!


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