My Bad Experience with GLOBE


Globe’s Facebook Unli Browsing

One way to enjoy my past time is to browse through Facebook using my mobile phone. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and I enjoy every minute of it. It’s also nice to use the site while traveling anywhere since its dependent is just globe’s signal.

Minus the exciting opportunity to chat with friends online, we can browse through profiles and update our status using the mobile site.

Globe’s Bad Internet Browsing Issues

Sad to say, Globe’s Facebook’s mobile browsing seems to be catching up in their new campaign in giving good customer service for many of us. Another challenge will be the timeline from your registration to the time the actual browsing starts. Globe has this habit of deducting the browsing amount and activating your subscription an hour after.

Globe’s Bad Customer Service

Forgive me for ranting but this happened not just once or twice but a couple of times already with Globe’s “inadequacy”. Now, I don’t have any attempt to boycott Globe or even ask anything but I just want to vent out over a few issues I’ve encountered in my last few attempts.

I’ve let it pass by the first time around but when I encountered the same error on my second registration, I went to Globe’s local customer service to inquire about the issue. Unfortunately, they were not able to help me out and advised me to check it again by tomorrow if I still encounter the same issue.

Again, I experienced the same error yesterday and I called their customer service earlier and was cut-off due to bad signal. I tried calling again only to find out that their “technical” specialists only asked me to observe if I will still experience the same dilemma after 24 hours.

Please take note that they give the same solutions which is not really helping. Forgive me for crying out loud, but what’s the purpose of having technical specialists wherein they can’t even handle little issues like these?

Personal Thoughts on what Globe needs to do

I think Globe needs to revamp their customer service tactics to ensure that real and good customer service is being given to all customers especially during these holiday season.

It just shows how they cater to their customer needs by making you “wait and see” instead of fixing the issue the soonest possible time. Sad to say, Globe’s customer service were not able to give concrete solution to something that a user like me is deprived of after deducting P 50.00 from my load.

I’m not sure if Globe is really listening and if not, I think they need to listen now before this goes out of hand.


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