The Good,The Bad and The…

The Visayas Blogging Summit 2010 was a good avenue to learn a lot of things on how to blog and how investing money, time and effort to write a good blog pays much. It was also a good opportunity to learn about making my blog interesting and earn an investment out of it.

Personally, I really appreciate the sessions about advocacy blogging and how blogging and social media affects the way we do things today. I would have wanted to sit down and do discuss about how social media and our blogs affect my work as a marketing coordinator for a BPO company but time did not permit me.

I know that there will be a lot of bloggers who will blog about their own experience and I’m excited to read every one of them. But for this blog entry, I have entitled this one as ” The Good, The Bad and The…” to share about my experience, my take on the event and perhaps a little tip on how to improve for the next event.


Topics were very interesting and can be used to further someone’s craft as a blogger. From tips on how to create a good entry in making money online,one is sure to be excited to go home and blog about it. The other topics caught my attention as well especially in being actively involved (offline and online) for a good cause.

If I have the time, I’ll share some of those learnings here.

I strongly salute the organizers of the event, they were able to get a lot of sponsors and invited many speakers for the event. As per experience, you seldom get a lot of good speakers in one event and the Visayas Blogging Summit is one event that I would truly appreciate each topics and speakers in one way or another.

The topics were well thought of and definitely timely to the changing world of the pinoyblogosphere. It showcases that blogging is not just a hobby but a responsibility as well. (Bow to the organizers!)

I also love the freebies! I got a lot of freebies when asking 2 questions and just by being there. I seldom get a lot of freebies in an event so I’d say being in the summit is worthwhile. (Bow to the sponsors!)

Good food creates good vibes and with a lot of free food to munch and coffee to sip while feeling cozy sitting down is definitely a good experience. (Bow to the the food providers!)


Like what one speaker has said, “our views and opinions differs from one another” and I hope that what I will share be categorized as one and be accepted as constructive criticism rather than an insult to some of what I have to the organizers.

The Lights

SM Cinema 2 is a good venue for the blogging summit, I guess my only concern are the lights! It could have been better if we have the venue brighter. The speakers would have been able to interact more if they see the faces of those who were asking, know if their audience are still listening and the like.

The Topics

I love the topics discussed from start to finish but we only have limited time to dig deep about each one. I personally wanted to learn more about how digital media affects businesses since I am working in a company who just started investing with social media.

Some of the topics could probably be combined and have longer sessions ( 45 minutes…) and can include a 15-20 minutes workshop. This way, bloggers will have 1st hand experience on how to do these stuff and not just in theory.

Also, there were probably some people who had “information overload” considering that we have a variety of short topics in one day. Longer sessions with less topics is the best way I guess to focus on some essential topics in giving a broader perspective in terms of essentials, profitability and marketing tips that would make effective blogging – newbie or not, a success.


The 1st Visayas Blogging Summit is an effort to accomplish. I remembered my days when I tried working my ass out to promote and there were only a few who really came. Just to note, an event is not considered a success only out of the number of attendees but also of the quality of output afterwards. The real achievement perhaps is to see people blog out of passion, find their niche and become responsible individuals (online and offline) creating impact to our society and the country.

To end my blog post, I would say that the 1st Visayas Blogging Summit is definitely A-OKAY! I salute all the organizers who have exerted effort in making my first summit experience the BEST!


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