The Blogging Summit 2010

It’s 4:43am and I still haven’t decided whether to pursue going to Iloilo and attend the Visayas Blogging Summit 2010. The summit is first in the Visayas where many bloggers from all walks of life will meet and learn more about –> BLOGGING.

Blogging has been always part of my life and perhaps an avenue to rant about anything and learning more about it could be a great experience. With the summit just an hour away from Bacolod, this is something that is not to be missed. (So,what keeps me from deciding in taking the first trip to Iloilo?)

What are my expectations in this ONE TIME-BIG TIME event?

1. A lot of people – of course,you can never call it a summit when there are only a few people in the audience.

2. A lot of neardy talks about blogs – forgive me the term, but I’m a nerd in disguise.

3. A lot of new friends and acquaintances – why join an event if you can’t get connections,right?

4. A lot of foods – there are a few restaurants I’ve been to in Iloilo but this will be another avenue of less talk,more food!

5. A lot of learnings – Wasting my money and time going to Iloilo –> NAH, I’m going there to learn more and get the worth of my time spending with fellow bloggers!

With 5 lists to ponder on, it goes to show that I’m going to the summit and pack my bag before the 6:00am trip! See you everyone! Whoever you are… Lol!


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