Just A Quick Rant About Work

Have you ever tried waking up in the morning with the nagging feeling of just staying in bed for the entire day?

That’s one thing that I’ve been dying to do this entire  month of October.  To personally define my October experience, it’s definitely hectic. I’ve traveled to places (related to work) and stayed very late at work for a minimum of 3-4 hours overtime almost everyday. I’ve pushed myself to do things I’ve never done before and grilled myself thinking what can give more other than the ones projected.

Pressure has been a super friend that even though you don’t want him near,he’s going to stick with you to the end. I can’t even count how many times have I been pressed so hard during our meetings by hitting the target and such that every time I go to sleep, I doze off thinking how I can improve the things I need to do.

But seriously, I hate the pressure and toxicity of my work right now that I’m thinking of moving out of the company and find another job. A job that can actually compensate enough for my needs and also allow me to just relax.

I’m also pondering going back to recruitment instead of pursuing a career in recruitment – marketing. For the main fact that I don’t want to be creative anymore.


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