The “No Rice Diet” Works?

Fact#1: No Rice Diet is challenging.

Fact#2: No Rice Diet requires discipline.

Face#3: No Rice Diet is (or is not) effective.

Like any other Filipinos, you might probably know that rice has become an integral part of our regular meal. Filipino men are damn good at eating more than half a kilo for 3 or 4 consecutive meals a day. But believe it or not, it’s almost 2 months now that I have been saying “NO” to this no. 1 staple food available in the Philippines.

I’ve been on a “No Rice” diet for more than a month now and I am not really sure if it’s effective. The reason why I’m doubting it is because I was not able to measure my waist before really pursuing the diet. I just tried not eating rice for 21 days and see if I can develop it as a habit and guess what, I did!

And even if I eat rice, I couldn’t finish up eating more than half the cup I usually succumb to every meal.

Why pursue such a diet?

For one, I’m not into jogging or a gym buff. I have no qualms in going to one but my schedule does not permit me – or should I say, I don’t want to squeeze it in my schedule for now. My work eats up most of my daily and weekly schedule and sleeping is a luxury as I am narcoleptic.

Another good reason is that I was desperate.

Although a lot of people would say I don’t even look big but to be honest about it, my tummy really needs some attention. So, instead of going for the hard way, I decided to quit eating rice. Yes folks, I said “No” to the daily staple I’ve been fed up more than 26 years.

A lot may not agree on why I decided to go for the “No Rice Diet” but I’m more than happy staying away from it and see what will happen.

What benefits will I get from it?

I’ll lose weight and can flaunt my body hopefully before December 2010 – Forgive me to sound naughty but I’m really conscious on the way I look (yes, believe it or not, conscious when naked!).

I have become picky when it comes to choosing food getting the diet to work doesn’t just requiring myself to omit rice from the meal, I need to choose good food that can compliment of not having the food that fuels my thinking most of the time. I’ve learned to love soup and veggies, chicken, fish and less pork and have mashed potatoes for heavy meals. 😉

My self-esteem will increase – you read it right. I have no problems being fat but with the work that I have, it’s a challenge losing weight. Getting this done and over with will definitely be a good opportunity to boost myself. And by the way, increasing my self-esteem doesn’t necessarily mean fueling my “ego” – that definitely is a different story!

Want some pictures to prove it?

For the heck of it, I’ll be posting my pictures as soon as I can get a good angle on how I am doing with this diet, and you can take a sneak peek of my future body anytime soon!

Thanks for reading!


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