The Alter-Ego Project

The Alter Ego Project is the not so common blog of Vir Antonio Silva, a late-twenty-something single person working in Bacolod City. He created a dozen of other blogs that have lasted only a few months or so with the exception of his personal blog, Melankoliko Dialogo.

He has been dumped a couple of times but still believes in love-at-first-bite err…I mean sight!

He’s cute, definitely a workaholic and is melancholic. But not to defer him from being adventurous, a groupie and movie buff – He finally decided to create a blog about the not-so-mundane-life of everyday living in a new place, working in a new company and a new blog (because He plans to trash the old blog of 5 years!).

One of his greatest dream is to become a prolific writer sharing stories and insights about life and among other things but often fails in trying.

If you want to get to know me send me an email and who knows, I might reply.


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