The “Church” Search Is ON!

As I’ve mentioned on my previous blog, I’m still on search of the “perfect” church and Karlos and Andoni is helping me out! Okay, Karl and Andoni are my uncles on my mom’s side but I’m older than them and they keep on pushing me to tell their friends we’re cousins because they find it “jologs” to be one at their age. Not to mention that they already have grandchildren already by the names of Ashley, Lance and Chanielle!

Back to my post.

After much discussion last night over a 21 inch size pizza, they decided to help-out in looking for my chosen church. They’ve recommended a few churches and told me they are available if I want them to come with me, and of course that would be great.

So,what churches do I intend to go for the next few Sundays? Here are a few on my list –


River of Life

Calvary Chapel

Jesus Is Lord

His Life


Word of Life Ministries (not my local affiliation!)

I’ve attended the services of Victory Christian Fellowship and I’ll keep my lips sealed after I finished my church-hunting!

What am I really looking for when it comes to church? Just to give you an idea on which church would really make me stay, here are a few criteria I’ve created after much thought early today –

  • The Sermon – a church service can never be complete without a sermon. I am craving for biblical-based, inductive and a life-changing message. Yes, I vividly remember Kuya Marlon’s advise that God gave us the opportunity to study the bible and learn from it personally but I would also like to listen to whom God has called to feed his people with powerful “manna” that comes from heaven.
  • The Worship – nothing beats to be in the presence of God through worship. Worship is enigmatic and I’d really prefer a church whose worship is anointed and prophetic. I’ve led worship in my local church before and I’m actually looking for a church where I can join the worship team as well. For now, I have to focus on the first idea and then, if given the chance to lead or be part of the worship team, then I’ll go for it.
  • The People – Fellowship is important for my growth and I would choose a church with people who are accommodating and friendly. But I do know that there are a lot of churches who are actively making people feel at home, I’m still looking for that unction inside that would say, “this is it”.
  • The Growth – contrary to other’s belief, I’m not a pew-shiner, so growth entails the necessity for discipleship. I would choose a small church where I can contribute and grow than mega-churches who are not into real discipline when it comes to how “church” should work according to the written manual (the BIBLE!).

I guess those are some of the main priorities when it comes to choosing a church. I have to be honest with you, I’m prototyping it to my local church back home and I’m not thinking of wavering when it comes to these criterion, it just needs to be present!

So,do you have any churches in mind I can visit for the next few Sundays before I decide? Please share!


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