A Short Stint At Home

I had the chance to go home for a quick vacation to get my last pay and enjoy the Charter day celebration in my hometown in Tanjay. Geez, I really miss my family so much.

One of the highlights in my stay is spending it with my family. I had to make the most out of my time there that I didn’t really went out that much except on my last night and the night before that for P&W practice.

I had the chance to spend “kakulitan” times with Chanielle, Ashley and Lance. They are definitely growing fast and I kept laughing on the way the 2 older kids of my sis speaking in Cebuano fluently and some tagalog words added to it.

Chanielle on the other hand is growing bigger. Although he can’t speak yet, he entertained me with his little giggles and ever-present smile and innocent looks. Just like this one…



He does look cute in the picture and in real life and as what we’ve mentioned the other day, let’s hope this one will retain until the older years. LoL!


And yeah, He definitely is cute like his Tito Vir!


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