The Convergys Company Outing

I’ll be in the company outing of Convergys Bacolod at Sta. Fe, a known resort in the area. This will be my first company outing for the last 5 years. I seldom attend company activities such as these because it’s an opportunity to go home and unwind after a busy week in the office.


I wanted to join to see and get the feel of the employees in Convergys. Try to mingle and build rapport with our internal stakeholders and see how we can internally market the openings effectively for the employee referral program. And yes, I don’t want to be a hypocrite in saying that I also want free food and fun for a Sunday.

I’ll post some pictures later on in Facebook and here for the updates and don’t you worry, I’ll be posting something about the company outing as well. So, wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “The Convergys Company Outing

  1. Hey,

    You in Bacolod na pala!? Woot2! That’s nice…The Visayan Blog Award is in Iloilo. Baka makapunta ka…Hmmmp…and convergeys nka? dghan nkong wa nahibalan ah…hehehe!

    Honestly, wla pa kaayo ko kaila na bloggers from bacolod…try googling ‘bacolod bloggers’ daw 😀

    Hope to see you sooner or later

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