A Blog about “The…”

The First Week

Tomorrow marks my first week in my stay in Bacolod and I’m still getting the hang of it. I’m excited to be in  a new place after working for almost 5 years in Dumaguete. I consider this an upgrade from a laidback city to a semi-laidback city if there’s such a term.

The week has been good and productive so to say and I’m actually kind of settled to the feeling that I’m now in another area of Negros Occidental and that I don’t speak much Ilonggo or know a lot of people in the area.

The Travel Time

As you all know, Dumaguete is way different when it comes to travel and transportation. I miss the big tricycles going around the city but I like the jeepneys here because you get to pay Php 7.00 and you can go from one place to a lot of other places. Isn’t that neat?

But like what my other friend taught me just this wednesday, I really need to be keen in choosing jeepneys to ensure I get there on time. But of course, this may still change since I’m currently looking for a good place somewhere closer to work.

The Workload

The work as well is manageable and I’m getting excited to work with the sourcing team comprising of 2 sourcing coordinator and 3 phone screeners/sourcing associates. Can you just imagine my workload before and with my new company?

But then again, it doesn’t mean we need to be complacent considering that the accounts are technical and has a higher standard with communication and skills setting.

I’m up for the challenge in establishing the sourcing channels of the company and be ahead of the game among the other players in Bacolod.

The Lifestyle

There are a few changes in the way I do things here. Instead of going to work 10-15 minutes before the time, I usually travel 30-40 minutes earlier to make sure I’m on time. And btw, that’s actually an effort for me since I usually wake up at 6am -8am for internet time.

I also end up going home around 9pm and not because of work (for now) but because I eat together with my friends somewhere else but it’s definitely enjoyable! Still need to go to other places and visit interesting areas within the city and nearby areas.

The Costing

And it’s definitely true that the cost of living compared to Dumaguete is higher, try to see my breakdown on my daily expenses for the week which does not include rental and other things –

            Fare                 P 28.00

            Breakfast          P 40.00

            Lunch               P 65.00

            Dinner              P 100.00

                                    P 233.00*  x 30 days = P 6990.00 + P 2000.00 (rental) = P 8990.00

*The cost changes depending on the choices of food but more or less that’s the nearest amount I can come up with.

So, if you ask me if I can save with the given costing I would definitely say I can which is by the way my goal for 2010.

The End.


2 thoughts on “A Blog about “The…”

  1. If im not mistaken, malapit lng ang convergeys bacolod sa Robinsons. Across that there is a small pathway going to different boarding houses and apartments. Try to check it there. I used to stay there yung ngbakasyon aku sa bacolod.

    BTW, be careful sa bacolod kasi mas madaming magnanakaw jan…based on experience 😉

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