The New Route I’m Taking

Finally, after much thinking and ranting about moving out I’ve decided to resign and look for another opportunity outside. This week will be my last few days in TeleTech and I’m making the most out of it.

It has been 3 years and 5 months since I first started with TeleTech. It has been a good journey in this side of the corporate world that taught me valuable lessons both in life and work. I give and owe these learnings to my first corporate job as an HR practitioner.

Opportunities have opened up for Manila, Cebu and Bacolod and I’m struggling right now in choosing which one can give me stability,growth and better pay. I didn’t know that this part of the moving out phase is quite tricky though and it led me to say “yes” for both companies in Cebu and Bacolod only to decline the first.

I’m choosing Bacolod mainly because of stability and cost of living. Compared to Cebu’s offer which is Php 3,000 higher than Bacolod’s with a lower cost of living. The company also in Bacolod is stable and career growth and expansion is much visible compared to the other.

Moving to Bacolod will need a lot of adjustments especially dealing with people since I’ll be with new vendors,new partners and stakeholders. And like any other company, I have to face challenges and I’m blessed to know that my Lord has overcome the world, so I need not to fear on anything that is of this world. I just need to trust him at that!

And yes, moving out doesn’t mean neglecting my ministries. As 2 pastors have put it, “wherever the Lord will plant you, You will flourish” and that makes me more excited to see what is in store in this special area in my life!

So,I think that’s one important update that I’m sharing right now and I’ll keep my blog posted for other important steps I’ll be making in this new route I’m taking. Thank you for reading!


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