Issues With pay and Everything Related To IT!

I have been working in the call center industry for more than 3 years now and I have to say that I have learned so much and is thankful for this experience. It allowed me to open my eyes to new possibilities and ideas that is all related to work and everything that revolves around it.

I’m learning much but sad to say,I’m not earning much. For the last 3 years that I’ve been trying to meet company goals and closing the job openings for our delivery center, I am definitely underpaid. The last increase that I got was 2008 when I got promoted for the Sourcing Coordinator role and it didn’t even reach the expected increase.

My work load doubled by 2009 and sad to say, there has been no good news for such an increase only until last week when we received a communication about the increase and re-allignment of the pay ranges from all levels to all sites.

The first time I read it in my inbox gave me a sly smile. I was thinking – THIS IS IT! Getting news like this boosts the team’s morale especially that many of our colleagues have chosen to venture out from where we are.

My main concern right now is whether we get an increase or not other than the rice subsidy and all. Four days after the released communication and no advise was given or discussions whatsoever. It  breaks my heart to learn that the other departments are signing their changed forms for the increase and we’re still waiting for that fateful advise.

I know this may sound bad to some of you who are reading this particular entry but I’m sorry if I sounded like a man deprived of his basic right. I am thankful for my job but I’m beginning to wander away on the idea that my work here in the company is a right choice to be financially stable. And as many of you would know, I don’t hold grudges but this time, I think I am much disappointed that I’m giving one lenthy blog post about my issues with pay and everything related to IT!


2 thoughts on “Issues With pay and Everything Related To IT!

  1. ogie


    I suggest you raise your concern to your immediate supervisor and explain thoroughly as your issue is as legitimate and valid as you think you are performing your job well – I know your HR has an explanation also as each organization has its own compensation and benefits structure. Deviation from these structures poses an impact to the entire organization so your concern should be raised to proper departments.

    Usually, employees are not supposed to have a privy on the compensation of other employees, or other departments – this, I think, added anxiety on your part as you are now comparing your compensation with other departments, other employees.

    Just to give you a perspective: services from support departments like HR, Recruitment, Payroll, etc. in a BPO setup are not billed to the client – so it is prudent not to compare compensation and benefits of members of the support group to those in operations. You benchmark to other BPO companies in the same positions.

    Anyways, goodluck.


  2. Hi Ogie,

    I did discuss it with them and unfortunately I just learned that there will be no increase for our department.

    I actually declined two offers from other companies because they promised something but unfortunately all promises were all but words without the actions.

    And thanks for the overview how compensations are being delegated and rest assured that the rant in here was done after 3 months of being fed up of waiting with something that was unfortunately not really meant for me or the team itself.


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