A Mid-Summer Blog Rant

Summer is here and most of the blog rants I know of speaks of the very topic I am not that excited to share. What makes summer exciting is the idea that the scorching heat of the sun makes you wish you were somewhere else, drooling over a halo-halo or ice cold softdrink spending time with friends and family (or either) somewhere where there is enough water.

We Pinoys are definitely “in” for the summer. Just take a look at overbooked hotels and resorts not to mention the jam-packed buses and boats going to a famous getaway every summer.  There is something in us that craves getting away the hassles of life and just be somewhere having fun even when we end up bankrupt 10 days before the next pay day.

One BIG question that keeps popping-up in my mind right now is – How can I enjoy the summer when I’m tied up with W-O-R-K?

The sad fact that I have work and loosing myself in the summer might be a challenge especially with a lot of things in store until the end of the summer season but not a total loss. We can do so much other than travel and spend extravagantly.

We can actually enjoy some (or more) benefits while staying in the island. And if you’re experiencing the summer like me, I guess we can improvise or still push through with some plans with a little creativity and openness to unprecedented dilemmas.


Good question! And I’d like to answer that for my next few posts sharing places and activities we can do inside of Negros and hopefully I can share  info tidbits on how to go there, how much to spend and how exciting the experience can be.

Let’s keep our fingers cross as I’m dead serious in getting somewhere with less expense but with priceless adventure and share it along the way. Who knows, we might bumped each other while we’re there.

Thanks For Reading!


2 thoughts on “A Mid-Summer Blog Rant

  1. Really it is certainly interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

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