Something To Think About

 How do we go with losing interest over something?

I tried counting my years working and it rounded up to 5 years. I’m quite amazed at how long I’ve been trying to beat deadlines and work for some underdog called “corporate world” to provide my own basic needs.

Everything seems to be a meaningless chase to find reason beyond the current dilemma of being spiritually drained and to thirst for career growth at the same time. I know it sounds selfish to thirst for career growth right now, but I think everyone is vying for that in my team right now with 2 years being stale in the post.

Don’t worry, I am still (and always) thankful for having a job for the past 3-4 years that provided me an avenue to grow and earn for myself.  I guess I am in the stage right now wherein I don’t know whether the job I have is helping me achieve my life goals. And when I mean life goals, it’s not my 2010 Goals for my work!

And I pray that YOU (yes You!) are note experiencing where I am right now!


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