I have been so busy lately with a lot of things that I kind of forgot to post something here. Although I’m usually online and is checking the comments section of this blog, it seems that I’m not that interested to blog about anything lately.

For Papa’s Updates

My papa will hopefully be discharged by tomorrow. To be honest, we don’t know where to get the money for his discharge. We’re praying that his siblings abroad will call by tonight to ask for an update. We were trying to figure out what we can do to get some money but it all ended up in knowing we can’t really reach even half the amount of the total cost.

I am not sure if everyone reading this blog are friends, but I pray you can give some time to pray with us as to have wisdom, grace and faith in the situation. We pray that GOD will move in a mighty way and see his provision for our family in this time of need.

For Personal Updates

I’m quite confused whether to stay in Dumaguete or grab the opportunity to work in our Makati site, financially wise, moving to the newest site will require a much bigger cost of living. Staying here can mean having enough for my daily needs and experience the freshness of living in a not so toxic world.

I am also into the idea of trying to understand why I really want to move out in Dumaguete aside from the other reasons I gave before. And is it worth all the hassle to move out?

Spiritual Life Updates

I’m trying my best to read a new book I bought all about missions. I wanted to see how I can help in fulfilling the great commission and where I’m at right now. It’s the best book actually especially the numbers and in showing me the need and facts/figures of the current situations.

There are actually a lot of things I wanted to write about but I think I still need to manage my time wisely and spend some quality time with my family and relax. Holy Week is fast approaching and I’m pretty sure it can be an avenue for me to do some serious blogging at that time. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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