Good Thing It Was Pneumonia

My father was rushed to the hospital yesterday due to pneumonia. It got complicated because he didn’t rest, took his medications and worked from Sunday to Wednesday when he was supposed to rest and recuperate.

My papa, who is afraid of needles doesn’t also want to stay in the hospital. He was forced to be admitted because of the complications of what he was feeling. He couldn’t even stand straight or walk for 5 minutes without stopping and breathe in.

I was kind of worried because he was complaining about not being able to breathe well, his back was in pain and when the doctor tried to press his upper torso, it was painful which was the same symptoms as my grandfather before prior to the findings of lung cancer. Whew, good thing it was pneumonia.

But come to think of it, my papa was working everyday and he was also on a  drinking spree (plus smoking) afterwards. We’ve been telling him to stop but he doesn’t want to. It’s wired into him since his youthful age and I guess it’s hard for him to stop or stop abruptly.

For those who are reading this blog, please pray for my father. Let’s pray that out of this situation he will come to know the healing power of God, the grace and love that comes from our Father in Heaven and REPENT!

Thank you everyone for reading!


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