Does My Blog Makes Sense?

I’ve been busy with work lately that my only consolation is reading blogs from the internet during my free time. If you check out my inbox lately, you’ll find RSS feeds and subscription from personal blogs to religious and among other things.

I find myself interested to a variety of stories and blog posts and I have to agree, there are a lot of great bloggers out there. It also made me realize that even though blogging is sometimes used for business, personal blogs often outweighs these kind of blogs mainly because it shares something personal and from experience.

His Blog, MY BLOG

I remember a workmate and a former blogger (well, he doesn’t update it anymore since his trip in China!) telling me to write topics like the other blogger both of us were following. I tried browsing through this author’s pages and found out that he writes really well. The only problem is that this person seems to be very melancholic (like me) and unfortunately,was hurt by many things in his past.

As much as I admire blogs that speaks their heart out, I pray that they may find peace and hope in their situations and learn to turn the situation positively.

Enough with that blog, and get on with this blog post.

Now, now…I’m not babbling about insecurity here. As much as I want to follow my friend’s advice, I don’t think its appropriate for me to do such a thing because others want me to. I mean, blogs are made for bloggers and it offers us the opportunity to share anything personal – be it updates or a long post about something.

God gave me this opportunity to write because I want to share something that is from me for others. I want to share insights on who GOD is and what HE can do for us and to us if we allow HIM to.

I also write differently from other bloggers. I don’t consider myself a professional writer (not yet!) but many people compliments the way I write.

And of course, break away from melancholy and just share it to the world no matter what the topic is all about.

NOW,  my question is, with a lot of blogs out there, how do we really find blogs that makes sense?

If asked to what really matters when it comes to blogging, I’d say it’s more on it’s content, the credibility of the blogger and of course, how he is able to touch his readers whether positively or negatively. (But I’d rather impact someone positively!)

So my friends and dear blog readers, you be the judge if my blog fits for these 3 important aspects of any blog and give me a comment about what you think about this topic, I would appreciate your thoughts on this one as well.

Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Does My Blog Makes Sense?

  1. @PinoyBlabberMouth – I think I read his blog post more than a year ago and that made me decide what to do with my blog. Thanks for sharing! Great post to read indeed!
    @Jeftwindmeefe – Thanks for sharing!

  2. Floadotow

    i truly love your own writing type, very charming.
    don’t give up as well as keep creating as it simply just good worth to read it.
    excited to look over far more of your current article content, good bye 🙂

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