Of Family and Relationships – Part 1: When Kids Rebel

When I was Young and Foolish

To the young and inexperienced, we think that our parents are the worst enemies that we have growing up. They seems to be contradicting everything we like, and often feel that they don’t love us because they want us to suffer.

I remember as a high schooler sneaking out of the house with my twin brother just to hang-out with friends until 3am in the morning. It was definitely a sweet victory for the two of us. We often call our grandpa  around that time to fetch us up because we don’t have a ride going home.

The idea is to ask our grandpa to fetch us up and go home to their house. That way,we were safe from the scorching words of our parents and of course, get a sumptuous breakfast the next day.

It happened a couple of times before we got caught and the problem was, my parents and grandparents had a conflict because of us. The conflict lasted for more than 5 months with us being grounded over the weekend for the next month.

That was just one example of the many acts I did during high school.  It was sure fun back then, but when I reflect about it at the age of 26, those were foolish acts that caused not just heartaches for my parents, but to my Father in Heaven as well.

Honoring our Parents and God

I was doing something that does not honor my parents, although I grew up okay and safe, deep in my heart is the longing to correct the things I did before. But in reality, we can’t change our past only our future.

Honor your father and your mother,

that your days may be long

in the land which the Lord your God gives you

Exodus 20:12 (RSV)

Doing things against our parents will and consent doesn’t make us responsible and mature. It only made it worst. Our parents saw us as stubborn individuals who doesn’t care or listen to them. Our parents reprimanded us and in the end, we ended up being scolded again and again.

There are a lot of other situations that we thought we have overpowered our parents and that we are responsible individuals who can take care of ourselves. We always think that we know better than them because this is our life.

But do we really know how to run our lives at the age of the teen years?

If our answer to that question is “YES”, think again and evaluate yourself whether you are on the right track.

God’s Mandate To Our Parents

Our parents, in the truest sense, doesn’t want to torture us. Sometimes, it does look like it but out of the layer of a strong fist and heavy words comes from a heart that cares and protects us. They have based it on their own experiences and doesn’t want us to experience the same mistakes they did before.

Their love for us disciplines us for our own good and well-being. I would really believe that even though our parents are not perfect but their intentions for us is always good. Sometimes they just don’t know how to relay it but it’s there, trust me.

As parents, God has given them the responsibility to take care of  us. Whether we like it or not, it was GOD who chose our parents to guide us as we journey as young individuals. They were given the rightful authority to guide,correct and rebuke us when time permits.

If we insist in our own ways and neglect their advice, we rebel against God and our parents. This active rebellion, in the light of God’s Word is also called SIN.

If we want to please GOD, we must submit to our parents and obey them. It will be hard, but doing the right things is beneficial for us. It will train us to become better individuals and trust me, it will give us a better future.

But what if they are just words and they don’t walk the talk? How do we deal with them?

The next blog post will be all about how we can relate to the disobedient parents and the godly children. 🙂


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