Am I Happy or NOT?

“Are you happy with your life?”

That was an interesting question coming from an officemate a few days ago when we were heading back to Dumaguete from our Bohol Jobfair. I was taken aback but the words that came out was – “Yes, I am…”

I’ve been asked a couple of times with thought provoking questions and I was able to answer them well and soundly I would presume. But with this one, it made me think if it’s really happiness I feel every time I try to evaluate myself and the experiences I have.

They say that different people have different perception of happiness or the state of being happy. I’d say, happiness is a state of being wherein you feel good about something good that happened. (Toinks, does it sound right?)

In as much as I want to answer the question whether I’m happy or not, I’m really dumbfounded as to what grounds can I determine such feeling. I mean, I’m basically okay with a lot of glitches in my personal and workaholic lifestyle, but am I really happy with all of these?

Sad to say, happiness is just a state of the mind and we don’t feel it always as we want to. But the good thing I guess is that, even when we are not happy, we do find contentment in what we have. Contentment is a better word I believe, not because it’s an action word but because contentment means having joy even when we are limited.

I guess that makes sense for now, contentment means being joyful. It’s an inner attitude whether there is storm or hale in my life right now. It’s a positive attitude invigorating me to stay contented and joyful in the inside and the outside of my experiences.

So, how about you, what are you feeling right now?


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