The “Importance” Blog Entry

I’m travelling going back to Dumaguete and decided to write a blog before the bus leaves. having a leave for 3 days can definitely makes us think so much and realizing important things in life.

For this blog entry, I would like to share on some thoughts about the important things in my life right now and how I am doing within these areas –

1. The importance of goals – being toxic sometimes makes us question if we are meeting our goals or not. While travelling for 6 hours, I realized that there are so many goals that I’ve wanted to accomplish but unfortunately failed to finish because of work. Geez, Can you imagine the lost opportunities and excitement because you are tied over office work and deadlines?

2. The importance of will power – sometimes our goals are not met because we didn’t have the will power to do so. The driving force to finish something is our will. If we want to finish it, we should have the will t0 do it. The simplest example I guess is exercise, If only I had the will to continue, I bet I lost a lot of pounds already. 🙂  Yes, folks…I lost the will power to try.

3. The importance of second chances – You might have heard me a couple of times saying that God is a giver of second chances and I bet you will also believe that we too can have second chances to finish what we started, do the things we plan to do and of course, accomplish greater things in life no matter how hard it is sometimes. Second chances are god-given opportunities that never fails to amaze me of God’s grace and favor in my life. As always, I am always blessed to say He holds me in His perfect will.

4. The importance of forgiving myself – I know, I know, why would I include this one? Because unless I forgive myself in the missed opportunities, the hardened heart and sinful acts, I can never continue. The greatest problem that I have encountered so far is dwelling in the past mistakes and dwelling on it thinking that I can’t change. I know, this is not a hard thing to do but real forgiveness, real repentance is more that just one prayer. And I know it will take time.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The “Importance” Blog Entry

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