The Final Decision

After 5 days of thinking hard and weighing things down, I finally came into a decision.

I never knew that something like this could be so hard as to thinking straight to what needs to be done and making the best decision ever.

Talking with co-workers, relatives and closed friends placed me in the situation of learning to hear what God is saying. All of what they shared were honestly, true and correct but which one is the best option and which one is from God?

So, what’s my decision?

I decided to stay in the company.

I know, it seems stupid to stay in the company and neglect the notion that i’m saying no to a supervisory offer with a good salary I would say. But nothing beats the idea of being in a more secured company, better system and closed friends.

I would also like to share that making this decision gives me peace of mind and security. I guess that’s what matters most, having the peace of mind of our decisions. I was always advised that the best decision is finding it in the will of God because you’ll find peace in it.

To everyone who prayed, reasoned with me and advised me to do what’s best. I salute your generosity and truly, you deserve a pat on the back, well done!

And to God, who is always there to give me wisdom and grace, I thank You with all my heart, indeed being in your will is far better than anything the world has to offer.


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