Quick Post: Bangon Pilipinas and the 2010 Elections

The Book That Changed My Views

I’m done reading the book “Breaking the Curse, Bring in the Blessings” by Kuya Lyndon P. Caña and I have to say, the biblical points shared by this author is definitely impressive.

He did not only give a biblical background on the history of our nation but he also gave a clear message of why this country is in deep trouble. And if we don’t do anything about it anytime soon this country will be in a deep trouble for another decade!

It also shared the curse of selling our birth rights. I remember sharing about our right to vote as a birthright given by God to choose who will lead us.

As the author states, selling our votes is selling the God-given right to choose a righteous leader and giving in for the needs of the moment in expense of our future.

I believe this has to stop now, and everyone must join in the race.

Bangon Pilipinas – Negros Oriental Chapter

I’ve been thinking of how I can help Bangon Pilipinas and bring in change to a cause far bigger than any man or people can do on their own. The challenge is indeed BIG but our GOD is big and this is achievable not by our own works but by Him who is able to do so!

God intended this to be far greater than any man can do so that His glory and power may be manifested through and for us!

Unfortunately, I still don’t have the contact number of the people who are helping out with Bangon Pilipinas here in Dumaguete. And I’m wondering how I can get their contact number and see what I can do to help out.

Eddie Won My Heart

And oh by the way, I still consider Bro. Eddie as the best option for 2010. I was thinking I could settle for Noynoy, but as what I predicted on my last blog post about him – he has not established anything aside from the fact that he has the Aquino blood inside him.

I’ll be sharing to you later on the reasons why, as a believer, we must choose a leader who’s not the “lesser evil” but the perfect candidate if we want to get this country back to its feet and bring in the blessing of God in this country again!

Eddie has my vote, not because he’s a pastor, but because out of the many who has expressed the motive for leading this country. He’s the only person who is not marred by the traditional way of politics and his track record speaks highly of him and of his accomplishments as a man called by God for a greater purpose.

Thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “Quick Post: Bangon Pilipinas and the 2010 Elections

  1. Glezeus E. Paypon

    I also read the book maybe 2 months ago, I am now sure and convicted of my support to Bro Eddie..Ive been camoaigning in my own little way though FB..may i know if ur the same Vir that i met in NYMC-Bacolod?

  2. Glezeus

    Vir, its nice to know…Hope you can visit Bacolod again…Ate Leah Aguirre is also supporting Bro. Eddie…please keep me posted. I’m quite busy with work but I will still be helping Bro. Eddie

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