A Weekend Post About Work And Wisdom

3rd Year in the Corporate World

This will be my 3rd post about my decision whether to stay in the company or get the other offer from another one. Another thing, this day marked my 3rd year working in the company and in the corporate world.

It sure is a challenge, a blessing and a learing experience to be in the journey in the corporate world.  I thank the Lord for every opportunity, growth and challenges He prepared along the way.

Chatting and Getting Wisdom from It

I had a chat earlier with a KC Mate, and I shared to her the dillemma of having the right choice. It’s so nice to talk with people who knows your situation and also knows how to ask the right questions.

She shared about God being a good source of opportunities and that favor comes from the Lord. Indeed, I have to agree and believe in what she said. Amen.

Her advice was a good one, knowing that wise decisions are made not overnight but after much prayer and listening to God, who is wise and ready for an answer to every opportunity.

The Dilemma of An Offer

You see, the Lord has opened an opportunity for promotion to another company. The pay and benefits are great and even the opportunity and challenge is definitely enticing.

When I told my boss about the offer and the opportunity to work in another level, he didn’t want me to resign and told me he’ll discuss it with our Director and VP for Marketing. I can’t belive one resignation would stir my bosses to do a counter offer to let me remain in the company.

Now, I’m torn between two great opportunities. One giving me the opportunity for promotion and challenge for greater growth and the other letting me stay in the comfort and security of a company who stands for quality, excellence and a lot more.

Trusting God for His Guidance

I know I need to decide wisely and what better time to get a piece of good advice but tomorrow. I know God knows everything and will give His best advice tomorrow. Whatever the message is for tomorrow, I will learn from it and listen to what God really has for me. I know the opportunities are great but nothing beats than being in the will of God. There’s no safe and more secure place than in the presence of God – in the center of His will for me.

Please pray for me!!!


2 thoughts on “A Weekend Post About Work And Wisdom

  1. George

    I was on the same situation 2 years ago. And it was really difficult to decide. But when I prayed and asked God for his guidance, decision making became easy. And until now I am holding to His promise. 🙂

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