Deciding Wisely is HARD!!!

I had my job offer to another company yesterday. I was supposed to keep this a secret only after I give my feedback on the job offer. But anyway, it’s not about the offer I’m going to talk about but more on the idea of decision making and some other stuff that tags along with it.

You see, choosing is easy when you know which one is right and wrong, but when offers like having the same scope and passion, I’m quite uncertain how to go about deciding, and deciding wisely I would add.

Today was more on weighing things down and see which one is a better choice and it was hard knowing that I have to consider a lot of things especially in terms of career growth and security.

To all my friends, fellow bloggers and among other things, please help me pray about this one crucial choice I need to make that has been extended until Monday. After that, I need whether to stay with the same basic offers or go and do the best thing for career growth and a better paying job.

Thanks for reading!


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