The Vote for 2010

I have always been a hopeful of a new Philippines where corruption and greed is not present. Where all filipinos are given the opportunity to improve their lives to different avenues the government can aid them.

With the 2010 Presidential Election nearing, I’m more concerned how people will vote for the right people. You see, if you’re from here, election time is a time wherein there is a lot of vote buying and doing something to lure people to vote for them. I myself experienced the malady of vote buying.

A country filled with corrupt officials can never be expected as a good government with the people in mind.  My hope and prayer is that we will be more vigilant, wise and prayerful that God will have his hand in this situation and will bless this country once more.

I highly recommend the book “Break the curse, Bring in the blessings” by Kuya Lyndon P. Cana, an IVCF who was part of the Top 10 Outstanding Councilors in the Philippines by 2006. The book deals with a lot of biblical points on why this country is suffering and how we can turn back to the true meaning of prosperity and good governance.

Is there still hope for us?

I believe so, and I’m about to join that cause.


2 thoughts on “The Vote for 2010

  1. I think Eddie is better than both. 😉

    I heard my manager talks about GSIS getting bankrupt and no more pensions are to be given out to the upcoming retirees.

    Having Gibo as a PGMA chrony makes me think that di pa din masosolve ang problema ng country.

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