2010’s Back to Reality Post

It was just 5 days ago that I was wondering how this year will come and what I want to do for 2010 and here comes a p0st telling everyone that I’m back to reality.

After 4 days at work, I can surely say I’m back to the usual lifestyle of work, eat and sleep and in between. You see, I don’t really have a lot of things in store for the month of January except for work and some other things not yet worthy to share in this shout.

I know its 2010 and I need to break in the habit of being lazy and start having a healthy life – socially and physically. And it might come to a drudgery start considering that the Christmas break was definitely an astounding “No Work” getaway.

So, I have to share in this blog post my plans on how to make my January a good start which are not part of my bucket list for 2010 but I’m considering to do for this month.  😉

Here you go…

Clean My Room!

2 Weeks have passed since I stayed long in the room and until now I don’t have the time to clean up and arrange some stuff. Gosh, my clothes from Tanjay are still in my torn bag. Tsk,tsk…talk about 2010 and laziness.

Spend Less Time in the Net At Home

I’m an internet addict but as a new year’s resolution for myself. I need to dig in to the good old books I bought that has not been read or finished reading. 🙂

Of course, I know I need the net but I don’t think I need to be on it all the time. Not to mention that I am using a prepaid DSL.

Start Exercising Again (Here I go again!)

How I wish!

And yes, I need to be more disciplined in doing this. Tsk,tsk…Did I hear myself right?

One of the biggest problem with 2009 was that I seem to think that I dont have the time to exercise. Let’s hope for 2010 the Lord will give me the opportunity to exercise. Of course, I’m eating right with less rice!! :p

Let’s see what more I can do for myself this year.

Write Some Blog Worthy Posts

I know I usually write nonsense things and some personal updates but for 2010, I’ll be starting a series about some important things in my life – like the Life Realization series and the 2010 Elections. 🙂

So, it’s the END.

Thanks for reading and let me know what are your plans as well for January 2010 and who knows we can get together and have some fun! ( I remember, Lurch…LA and who was that again????)


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