2010 Bucket List

As I said in my last entry, 2009 was a transitional year for me and for 2010, I want it to be different. 😉

For 2010, there are a couple (or a dozen) of things I want to accomplish, places to go to and things that I want to do (like do hard things).

Here are a couple of things on my list for 2010.

1. Have my own domain.

2. Go to Davao for a vacation. (Never been there!)

3. Have a small business.

4. Join the International Youth Conference in Malaysia.

5. Lead praise and worship to a youth gathering of 500 plus!

6. Speak in a youth conference.

7. Start a youth organisation in our place.

8. Write a book about youth leadership.

9. Have my own apartment/house before reaching 30 years old.

10. Get a Theology degree.

Now, I know that some of them are related to church and youth and I’d say, these are the things I want to build up for 2010. I’ll be adding more on this list as soon as I have the time to write them all down. 🙂


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