The Year That Was 2009


2009 was a transitional year for me. There were a lot of things that I considered and has affected many of my decisions and life as a whole.

2009 is also a year with so much blessing and indeed, I have so many things to be thankful all year round!

3rd Year in the Corporate World

3 years

I’ll be turning 3 years old when January 16 comes and I am blessed to say that I have gained much (not just weight) but everything in perspective.

My experience working in the corporate world was full of toss and turns. I’m pretty sure there were a lot of failures along the way and yet I thank the Lord that based on my last scorecard, I’m doing great.

I realized that I was not just beating deadlines but is learning more about the corporate world, my work in perspective and the outcome of every good and bad activity.

In short, I was growing professionally and harnessed skills and knowledge that are important for my future.

11th Year as a Christian


Of course, life can never be better with the challenges it brings and I thank the Lord that He was able to help me overcome, cope up or even experience failure.

I have understood that failing doesn’t mean losing the battle, it makes me more confident, more keen and more adaptable to changes around me.

One of the good lesson I learned for this year is that numbers doesn’t count with maturity. My growth as a believer is determined by the character I’ve shown and not how good I speak or talk about it.

I know I have failed a lot in this area for this year. I have less involvement in Church and have skipped many Sundays because I was “busy”.

Busyness my friend, is never an excuse and so I flunked in this area but still, as the shirt says – I’m still a Firm Believer In JESUS!

26th Year as an Individual

I am definitely blessed to reach 26. I have work, I enjoy my life and I have lots of friend. I am more closer to my team mates and is definitely healthy and “fit” in my standard.


I am proud to say as well that I am continuously growing as a person and indeed, God deserves all the credit in all that HE has done through and for me.

What’s To Come in 2012

This blog has been just 5 years or so it shares most of my fondest memories and lessons.

With 2010 coming in, I’m also thankful for a blog that have stood with me through thick and thin. INDEED, this blog deserves a new layout and a better concept. So, please do keep watch to the changes early 2010. 😉


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