Avatar: The Movie

One epic movie you shouldn’t miss before 2010 ends is the movie “Avatar”. A story about courage, love and heroism. The vibrant characters and color together with it’s unique planet sends you to an epic journey of discovery of what life is and the importance of saving not just a race but the place called Pandora.


An Important Lesson Learned

The story vividly shares about the fear of extinction and the courage to fight for life and for the people we love. It is the typical movie about heroism wherein the main character is from the outside world who later learned about this new race and fell in love with its people.


Life, no matter what race or creature, is given freely by God and should not be wasted for the sake of only a few. We have seen it in the history books and the movie speaks of the same greedy problem.

Well, I can share to you so many things but I want you to watch it for yourself and share what you have learned. Because the movie will definitely stir something out of you. 😉

And by the way, I read in Wiki that they might do a sequel of Avatar, now, it has to be much bigger and better than this one to meet my expectations. Lol!


9 thoughts on “Avatar: The Movie

  1. I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

  2. A certain character says in the movie that Pandora (the planet where the story takes place) became his real world. My advice to you: let Pandora become YOUR real world for two and a half hours, let it make you completely forget about your life and problems, let it entertain you, move you, let it carry you away.

    1. Hi Burton,

      Being glued in your sit just to watch Avatar is an enchantment of how the story, the place and message captures the heart of it’s audience.

      But if asked whether I want to live in Pandora or not…I think I wouldn’t. I dunno, it gives me the creep…hahahaha!


  3. The magical effect of 3D was put to good effect in the whole movie. From the amazingly big battle scenes to quiet scenes, the 3D drew us into this alien place as more than a mere spectator. I found it hard to imagine watching this film in regular 2D. The extra money you would pay to enjoy the 3D is very much worth it.

  4. Through out the movie, I was momentarily jarred by most of the similar things that have been mentioned here, but for the most part, I overcame them as my expectations continued. Even the heavy-handed depiction of commercialism or the “over-zealous military commander” were accepted as being a important section of the film.But there one technical issue that (oddly enough, I guess) irritated me. I had no way to go back and view it after, but I’m pretty sure that when the Colonel was killed, he took his hands off the robot controls, trying to remove the arrow/bolt. Yet, with the Colonel’s death, the robot TOPPLED OVER! I would have expected such a machine just to simply stop moving and stand there.

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