Cheeno and the canal experience

Cheeno was admitted earlier today because of another motorcycle accident. This time, he had a pretty bad experience falling into a canal somewhere in Sibulan with 6 stitches on his right cheek, swollen lips and losing some teeth plus some body aches and wounds in his legs and hands. This is his second accident in a span of less than 4 months.


You’d probably think he was driving fast when this happened. I’m pretty sure he didn’t. Cheeno fell asleep while driving causing him to lose control and fell into a canal and yes, under the influence of liquor.

I just learned about his accident 2 hours after my sis-in-law informed me through text. I was pretty much snoring because of staying awake more than 24 hours since 6am last Friday. I immediately rushed to the hospital to know his condition and was relieved to know his safe only after 3pm today.

Although I want to rant about his another playtime with death, I’ll keep my silence until I can hear his side of the story. Besides, thrash talking about it is a bad idea since it already happened. Good thing he’s safe and just need some rest and medication to heal fast. The scolding will not happen anytime soon as my brother is old enough to know the right things to do…or so I think.

But I definitely love my twin bro’s question once he got in to the room – “So, are you planning to live long to see your kid grow up?” It may sound harsh, but it doesn’t.

Viz and I consider this as an opportunity for Cheeno to reflect about life, family and his relationship with God. I probably say that it was not out of pure luck that Cheeno was able to stand up and had the strength to get out of the canal. It was not pure luck when he was helped out by a stranger at 4am on a Sunday morning, who went back to him after saying no to him for a hitch ride.

It was all God’s grace in his life.

Beating death twice in 3 months is a terrific example of God being in control in the lives of our loved ones, like Cheeno. I strongly believe that God has a purpose why Cheeno is experiencing these things and I know, someday, we’ll learn that purpose why he is snatched out from Death’s hand not just once, but twice in less than 3 months.

For any of you that knows Cheeno, please pray for him and his fast recovery. Pray also for provision for his hospitalization and guidance as he experience life the third time around.

Thank You for reading.



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