Thinking About The Christmas Break

I’ll be going back to Dumaguete  later this afternoon. Time flies fast and I’ve stayed in Tanjay for less than 24 hours every weekend. Geez, that’s how short my weekend is. But anyway, my leave for the 21st will be a week long stay in Tanjay hopefully.


One of the things I miss about Christmas is the long break. It actually makes you jump for joy when your teachers tell you the start date of the Christmas break and you start counting what you can do with no class (or work) for a week or two.

So, what am I expecting for Christmas?

Long Break – My leave will start on the 21st and I’ll be back to work on the 28th, but this is still tentative as I plan to file for another leave to have the 2 weeks straight for vacation leave.

Reunion, Reunion, Reunion – this will be the first Christmas to meet the young Yap Pongsay people. I know, my brother is trying to set-up everything and I’m wondering how everything is going as everyone seems to be talking about it on our side.

Food trip – I know I have to be careful to what I’m eating but this season is not complete without FOOD! Hehe, diet or not, I’d stick to the schedule. LoL!

I know there are a lot of things I can do for Christmas break, but those are the 3 main things on my mind as of the moment!  And yes, please don’t forget that Christmas break is a great opportunity to share time – quality time with the family! It’s definitely great to make most out of the holidays and holistically enjoy every moment of it!

How about you, what are your plans for Christmas?


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