Black Ribbon for Maguindanao Victims

I learned about the Maguindanao massacre late last night while browsing through Facebook. I couldn’t believe what I read – 40 plus individuals have been killed including a pregnant woman for the sake of politics. Such a gruesome tactic just to win in the elections!

I know this happens all the time especially when elections is fast approaching but Politicians are way over their heads as having a killing spree with innocent people. Their candidacy is tainted with bloods of the innocent and should not be placed in power. They are not worth the vote!  People such as them should be ashamed on how they run politics to create fear in the hearts of men!

It is my prayer that the PNP and Military will act fast and fairly so that justice be served. Show face with the inadequacy of providing protection to civilians and imprisoning the ones who are behind this massacre. But then again, it’s an Arroyo ally, and I bet this will be dealt in a manner that will definitely be beneficial to her end. Grr…black ribbon

For my blogging friends, let’s join Bariles in his endeavor to call justice for these people, let’s place a black ribbon on our blogs to signify support.


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