My Take On The Lecture About Social Media

Our company was invited to join a lecture in Silliman University care of ICT- Dumaguete. The talk was all about how to use the social media (like Facebook and Twitter) and making use for business, educational purposes and the like.

Now the reason why I’ve placed “My Take” on this specific post is to try and evaluate my own “techieness” and see how I fit in this booming social media online. And try to evaluate the lecture on a personal level.

My Take on the Theme

The theme itself is exciting for me because of some recent updates on my work. The lecture can be a best avenue to get some tidbits on how I can probably use online media to promote and get better yield for Dumaguete applicants.

Unfortunately, the lecture didn’t fully satisfy my curiosity and sad to say, didn’t meet my expectations as to how it can relate to both businesses and education. It was actually more of a video presentation on facts and figures from web users to the latest gadgets out there.

And yes folks, I know most of the stuff shared on the screen because I saw a similar presentation in one of the lectures about media and the impact of the World Wide Web in the lives of people early this year.

The statistical data also focuses more on Facebook and Twitter, although they are the top websites for now. It’s more on promoting the 2 sites rather than getting the participants participate into something big and something useful.

My Take on Google Wave

What I really like the most is the Google Wave, although it’s still in the beta stage testing – it’s definitely cool!

It’s like having Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Chat, Email, Blogging and among other things we do online in one specific website all at the same time. And the language translation tool is pretty amazing! (Now, I wonder if they have Filipino/Tagalog on it as well!)

Once this site is up, I bet the rest of the websites will become “old school”.

My Take on the Organizers

I admire the efforts of the ICT- Dumaguete Council on how they are able to help out the community in giving these kinds of lectures and stuff. I would recommend though that they send the invitation a week prior to the date of the lecture so a lot of people can join in the said dates. They should do more lectures and seminars like this.

They should probably try to touch base with the lecturers on what and how the lecture should go. And should prepare the stuff and softwares to be used a day or two. Although the place is convenient and definitely conducive, the sound system was definitely having problems.

Planning and preparation is an essential part of making an activity successful. And I hope, they’ll have an evaluation session after to see the things they need to improve on.

So, what’s my take on the lecture as a whole?

It was a pretty boring 2 hours lecture. It wasn’t even a lecture but a video presentation of facts and figures. I’m sorry to break the hearts of the organizers (which by the way are my colleagues in ICT) but the lecture didn’t went well.

The lecturer and organizers failed to meet the goals that have been set on the email invitation they sent 2 days ago. I also remember the speaker telling the audience that he didn’t even know about the lecture just two days ago.

I know ICT wants to get the most of the ICT professionals coming in, but hasty activities like this breaks our reputation as professionals.

I know, you guys might think that I am blabbing about something as if I know how to handle one. Well, I’ve handled lectures, spoke in front of a 400 young people and did team building activities and lectures about spiritual growth and leadership, and long period of planning and studying is worth the try rather than having half-baked activities that can just impact a few.

So, LA, what are your takes on the lectures?


4 thoughts on “My Take On The Lecture About Social Media

  1. LOL. I’ll write about it as soon as my head clears up. Can’t believe I wasted my 3 hours to common knowledge yesterday.

    Speaker: “Join facebook and twitter and it will help you in your business…and, oh, you’ll get free Mister Donut donuts, too.”

    L.A. “WTF.”

    That seminar (and probably the speaker, too) was a sham. That I tell you.

  2. Probably yes, but I’d like to raise the issue with the organizers because it seems to be the 2nd time that they conducted a seminar/lecture that didn’t help at all.

    Naks…as if antigo kaayo…LoL!

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