The Search for the RIGHT CAMERA

I’ve been thinking serious about getting an DSLR camera to get serious with photography.

I was wondering what camera would fit right for me with an affordable rate that can suffice for my dire need of a cam. I have 3 options that ranges from a P  1,250.00 to P 3,000 per pay day and here’s what I decided to order:


I tried researching on the specs and got a good review of the camera ( especially with its quality output). The brochure tagged this item as P 1,350.00/pay or at P 2,700.00 monthly. And I thought I can manage slashing it out from my budget. Besides the 13th Month can cover the half, the other half from my sick leave by January and Tax refund just in case.

Now, I’m crossing my fingers that the store I’m requesting has this stuff so I can have my camera the soonest possible time.


6 thoughts on “The Search for the RIGHT CAMERA

  1. Vir, I think Nikon Coolpix P80 is a Point and Shoot camera, not a DSLR. It is an entry-level P&S though, so I think you can get a feel of the DSLR without hurting your budget much. 🙂
    Good luck on your purchase! 🙂 I’m saving up for my own DSLR as well. But for now, I am content with my cheapo camera. LOL
    Besides, its not the camera that shoots beauty, but its always the photog. dba dba dba?

  2. right lurch its in the eye jud! I have a dSLR too pero I want to have a point and shoot as well! its always good to go back to the basics… that’s where you learn how artistic you can get with the little that you have 🙂

    @vir antonio: unsa nang i600? Samsung lover pod ko!

  3. @ Joselle – it’s a slim phone na parang blackberry or nokia e63. hehehe…
    @ Lurch – agree…i can take pics naman using my dg cam…and besides, bug-at sya dal-on. but i saw the cam na and it was good but magulang ra sya gamay sa ako camera… LoL!

  4. LOL
    I want e63 😦
    Anyway.. at least both of you have camera phones. hehehe
    Joselle has a great eye for photography.. grabeh. I guess that is why she’s a part of SNAPS 🙂
    But, @selle, while I really like the P&S, sometimes I wish I could try to roll with the big boys who bring out their snazzy dslrs and go on photoshoots. LOL must be fun to participate.. but yeah, I am quite content with what I have for now. 😉

  5. Hi, i am mike.Thank’s for sharing this news.This is very useful and informative material.Good post and keep it up.Blogs are always helpful one way like . because in this site,samsung is more better than Nikon for Technology. Good Luck

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