Sunday Night @ McDonald’s

It’s November 1 and I’m at McDonald’s to have dinner at 10:21pm. I fell asleep for almost 2 hours and then we decided to have dinner at McDonald’s since it’s the nearest place with wifi.


I also decided to try this old layout and found out that the pictures in the upper area with the recent articles will be visible if this has been uploaded personally and not coming from the net through link uploading. So, I think I’d be sticking with this one for the mean time and try to see.

I know, the former layout is cool to the eyes but I’m having problems with the layout for the widgets and my posts seems to be longer to read because the width for the articles is shorter compared to this one.

By the way, I already changed the layout of the old recruitment tips blog that I have and will resume full operations (LoL!) anytime within the week. There will be changes as well with the topics as it will now revolves around opportunities we can find at the web and will focus more on the needs of the applicants plus the inputs of recruiting blogs and websites out there. I am also in the process of asking some friends at the HRPhilippines group if they want to become co-authors of the blog so they can share their own tips and tricks as well.

Well, I guess that’s it for now and I need to rest since I’m definitely not feeling well but need to force myself to work because we need to close the class to start by Tuesday!


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