Chanielle Frasch Silva

I just uploaded in Facebook the pictures of the newest member in the family – Chanielle Frasch Silva! Chanielle (pronounced as Kan-eL)stands for God’s grace in Hebrew and the name says it all. 😀

The proud dad, Cheeno is definitely excited in having a kin for his super makulit attitude. Here are some pics that you may drool upon for now.


Chanielle, will be the 2nd generation of the Parrenas – Silva Family, the First for the Tuballa – Silva and the 4th for the Yap – Parrenas Clan.


Congratulations to Cheeno and Aidleah for having your first of many cute babies in the family!!! And yes, he does have the Silva looks and gesture when in front of the camera! Try to look below for the resemblance –


Weekends will never be as silent as ever when I’ll be at home!


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