Mio and the Fight AGAINST cancer

I know that most of my blog posts here are about kids and how I struggle myself to help my niece and nephew and some other personal stuff but for this post, I’d like to give my attention to something I found somewhere in Facebook.

I would like to share something that is not related to me but to a little boy who is fighting cancer at an early age. I am in no way related to him or his parents but I really want to help. I hope that as you read this blog post, you’ll decide to help as well.

Let’s just say A.R.K. is an effective avenue of being a Christian, a follower of Christ, a believe with the heart like his master, Jesus Christ.

A Kid Named Mio

Mio, who is 5 years old is diagnosed with ALL which stands for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I got a hold of his story on the net through a former colleague of mine, Cha Espinar. The cute little kid you see below is the son of her best friend. ( And oh, for the moderator of MFC website, pahiram po!)

Courtesy of www.miofightscancer.com
Courtesy of http://www.miofightscancer.com

I know the experience Mio’s love ones are experiencing right now. I once spent time with an 8 year old fighting for leukemia in one of the provincial hospital here when I was a college student. It broke my heart that when I was ask to pray for him, I cried with the rest of the group. As much as his parents want to help him out with the pain, they can only do so much but to hug him and pray with us.

I also lost someone because of cancer, and it’s a battle we all faced head-on even with uncertainties and I’m praying that Mio’s situation will be different. ( And I pray, that every kid battling cancer at an early age be different!)

They are currently doing a fund raising through the shirts in small, medium and large sizes for P 300.00 only. I already ordered two shirts for my brother and I.


I know people are reading this blog post and I hope you’d click the picture about to get to know Mio’s story and how you can help. If we can spend so much for our blogging and other stuff we do online, – why not spend it to something worthwhile and bless someone while doing it? ( I’m not preaching, you know…just sharing my heart out!)

They have a lot of projects lined up to support the kid’s fight against cancer, and if I were you – keep posted on their website to know how you can support Mio. Click Mio’s pic above and it’ll route you to their website. And folks, if you have a heart…please spread the news!!!


This particular post is made not for any personal benefit or fame, but just a simple Act of Random Kindness I can offer to the 5 year old kid who is brave enough to fight for life.


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